Piggl BIKE-BED featured in VWt Magazine

We're breaking from our usual blog posts to share with you a very proud moment - Piggl BIKE-BED has been featured in VWt Magazine (April 2021 issue 105).

Piggl BIKE-BED featured in VWt Magazine April 2021 issue 105 

This fantastic full page feature introduces readers to Piggl BIKE-BED and covers all of its main features: 

  • Carry 3 bikes (with wheels on) whilst on the move.
  • Use as a bench seat inside your van.
  • Converts down into a double bed for 2 adults.
  • 3 bikes can be kept inside the van, around the bed, whilst you sleep.
  • Two deep storage drawers with 60kg load capacity each.
  • Bolts easily to your VW Transporter's existing floor mounting points.

    Piggl BIKE-BED featured in VWt Magazine April 2021 issue 105  Piggl BIKE-BED featured in VWt Magazine April 2021 issue 105

    We couldn't be more chuffed to be featured in this industry leading magazine. If you are a VW T4, T5 or T6 owner then we'd definitely recommend subscribing to this magazine which is packed full of gorgeous conversions - both professional and reader's own - plus plenty of advice, photos and stories from the Transporter community. 

    To read our feature for yourself pick up the April 2021 issue 105 now, or sign up for a subscription to VWt Magazine. Hopefully you will see Piggl Campervan featured in there again soon!




    We have been travelling in campervans for over 15 years, taking in the best that the UK and Europe has to offer. By sharing our adventures, insights, recommendations and reviews we hope to inspire you to explore more! 

    Take a look at Piggl CAMPERVAN - a uniquely designed, campervan kitchen, bed and bike storage system for VW T5 and T6 Transporters. An industry leading product, available to anyone wanting to undertake their own van conversion – without compromising on function or style. 

    Join us for the adventure…. 

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