Piggl KITCHEN is designed to fit all short and long wheel base T5 and T6 VW Transporters, including T5.1 and T6.1's.

If you own a long wheelbase T5 or T6 VW Transporter van then Piggl KITCHEN will sit at the rear of your van as it fits over - and in front of - the rear wheel arch. Please measure the length of the kitchen from the D-Pillar.

Piggl KITCHEN is precision CNC machined from 15mm thick phenolic resin faced birch plywood with a black hexagon shaped finish. Inside panels have a smooth black phenolic film finish. This material is robust, waterproof, UV resistant and hardwearing. The attractive, exposed birch plywood edges are sealed with linseed oil.

If you want campervan furniture that's hardwearing, but don't mind a few knocks when you're lashing your mountain bikes in for your next adventure, then our furniture is perfect for you. 

 Phenolic Resin Coated Birch Plywood hexa finish for Piggl CAMPERVAN ↟   Piggl KITCHEN material and surface finish

All cupboard doors and the drawer have high quality stay-closed hinges, runners and handles.

We only use suppliers whose plywood is FSC® certified from sustainable European Forests. (FSC products have their forest of origin independently inspected and evaluated according to environmental, social and economic criteria agreed by the Forest Stewardship Council® AC.) FSC® (the Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international, non-profit making association whose membership includes environmental and social groups and progressive forestry and wood retail companies working in partnership to improve forest management worldwide. All depots of supplier have been awarded FSC® accredited certification by BM TRADA.

Piggl KITCHEN is designed to work in unison with Piggl BIKE-BED. The slimline design of the kitchen means that our bed is an impressive 1.2 metres wide - plus the integrated bike rack and storage drawers are not available from anyone else!

Whilst you can purchase each unit separately, please be aware that a standard depth camper van kitchen from another supplier will not allow you to use Piggl BIKE-BED as therefore there simply won’t be space to fit alternative kitchen units next to the bed.

If you only purchase Piggl KITCHEN and choose to install an alternative bed, then you will have a gap and wasted space between your bed and kitchen. Plus, you will miss out on our unique 3-bike travel rack and in-built drawer system that Piggl BIKE-BED provides.

We recommend purchasing the complete Piggl CAMPERVAN system to maximise the use of space inside your van, take advantage of our unique bike rack system and to ensure matching colour and surface finish on your camper van interior.

Piggl KITCHEN will be delivered to you on a pallet as a flat-pack kit. Each component is provided to you pre-cut and pre-drilled along with all the fixtures, fittings and instructions you will need to assemble it. Simply follow our step-by-step guide and in no time, you will have a robust, camper van kitchen and bike-bed ready to install into your van.

A good degree of DIY competency and some of your own tools like a power driver will be required - as will two people to help build, lift and install. If in doubt, consult a qualified trade person.

If you own a long wheelbase T5 or T6 VW Transporter van then Piggl KITCHEN will sit at the rear of your van as it fits over and in front of the rear wheel arch. Please measure from the rear D-Pillar of your van.

Piggl KITCHEN needs to be secured to the internal wall panels of your van. We recommend one of these two options:

1. If you have access, you can to fit permanent bolts to the metal panels of your van that are exposed after you have insulated and carpeted your van interior. The kitchen can then be drilled to fit over these bolts and you can secure the kitchen in place with washers and locking nuts.
Bolt in van wall ready to install camper van kitchen

2. You can screw through the back of Piggl KITCHEN directly into the interior metal panels of your van using self tapping screws.

NOTE: You may also wish to secure the front pod of Piggl KITCHEN to the floor of your van using a metal bracket (not provided) and the mounting point in the floor of your van behind the driver’s seat.

Piggl KITCHEN comes in two modules that, once assembled, fit seamlessly together.

  1. Install the rear wheel arch module to the wall of your van using your preferred fixing method.
  2. Screw the front unit to the rear wheel unit using the fixings provided so that they sit seamlessley together in a row.
  3. Attach the front unit to the wall of your van using your preferred fitting method.

We prefer to keep cooking smoke and smells out of our van. Therefore, our Piggl KITCHEN does not include an inbuilt hob or gas ring. However, this portable gas camping stove is the perfect size to be stored neatly on a shelf inside the Piggl KITCHEN cupboard and placed onto the worktop.

Purchase your gas stove here ↠ 

Piggl KITCHEN with gas stove  Piggl KITCHEN for VW camper vans

If you have also purchased Piggl BIKE-BED, then why not add Piggl PANEL to your order? This panel fits neatly into the top of the extended rear drawer forming a robust platform, allowing you to place this gas stove on top for outdoor cooking*. Piggl PANEL can be purchased here ↠ 

*Do not place hot items directly onto Piggl KITCHEN surfaces, always use a suitable heat protective mat.

As standard Piggl KITCHEN does not include a cool box or fridge. We recommend a stand alone cool box that can be used inside and outside your van. Shown in the image below is a Dometic CF16 coolbox. 

Coolbox in Campervan with Piggl KITCHEN

As standard a slimline sink is provided with Piggl KITCHEN. It is up to you how you dispose of waste water.

Some users install fresh and foul water containers in their kitchen. This is the best option if you plan to use detergents to clean dishes. We recommend this fresh water installation kit plus a foul water collection container which can be purchased from us separately here ↠

Other users choose to drain the waste water to the outside using the standard bung hole in the floor of their Transporter. This is only acceptable if all you are not using detergents which may cause harm to the environment. If you don't want a waste water collection tank then you might consider this fresh water installation kit which can be purchased from us separately here ↠

To make placing an order as easy and as flexible as possible we have two payment options:

1. Pay in full immediately. Once your order is ready to be dispatched we will contact you to discuss a suitable delivery date.

2. Pay a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and will secure your order to commence CNC manufacture. Once your order is ready to be dispatched we will contact you to take the remaining balance payment and to discuss a suitable delivery date.

Deposit payments are not available on accessories. 

Delivery is available on weekdays only (excluding bank holidays).

Piggl KITCHEN is made to the highest possible standards. All parts including units, hinges, drawer runners, handles, sink and tap have a 12-month guarantee against manufacturing defect.

Please check your order upon delivery and contact us immediately via email info@piggl.co.uk if there is any visible damage or missing parts along with photos and we will resolve the problem as quickly as we can.

We cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused as part of assembly or installation nor from misuse or general wear and tear as to be expected from a campervan product.

Please note that some of the smooth black surfaces of your Piggl product may have some scratches or dents. This is a inevitable part of the CNC manufacturing process, but these 'B' surfaces will not be seen once the products are assembled and fitted into your van - and in no way compromise the intergirty of the product. 

We recommend cleaning the surfaces of Piggl KITCHEN and Piggl PANEL only with a lightly damp cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals nor abrasives as this may damage surfaces. Wipe up spills immediately. Do not soak. Wipe dry immediately.

We recommend annually resealing the exposed birch plywood edges with a light application of linseed oil to help prevent moisture ingress.

Do not place hot items directly onto Piggl KITCHEN or Piggl PANEL surfaces, always use a suitable heat protective mat.

Piggl KITCHEN sink should be cleaned only using a stainless-steel appropriate cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives as they may damage the sink.