Fresh & Foul Water Installation Kit

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Fresh & Foul Water Installation Kit

This kit is design to provide fresh water for your campervan and to collect the waste water into a second container. Both containers are housed in the cupboard underneath the Piggl KITCHEN sink. 

This kit is compatible with the slimline sink and waste provided with Piggl KITCHEN and will run cold water only for your campervan.

Water installation kit contains:

  • 10 Litre Fresh Water Container with lid
  • 10 Litre Foul Water Collection Container with lid
  • 12v Pump
  • Fresh Water Pipe
  • Waste Water Pipe

Add this fresh and foul water installation kit to your order to fit neatly with the slimline sink and cupboard provided with Piggl KITCHEN

Please Note: To install this kit under your Piggl KITCHEN sink, you will have to assemble the kitchen without the internal shelf. This kit does not contain a tap nor the electrical parts required to wire and fuse the tap. This is because customers may have their own preferance on style and finish of tap. We use a Comet Florenz cold water only tap. These will be available separately from dedicated suppliers.