Kombi Kit for Piggl SIDE-POD

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Kombi Kit for Piggl SIDE-POD

You need to remove your Kombi seats to use Piggl SIDE-POD as it cannot be fitted with the seats in place. Once the seats are removed, the Kombi floor brackets in a SWB or LWB VW Transporter will prevent the Piggl SIDE-POD from sitting flat on the floor, plus it won't be the same height as your Piggl BIKE-BED if you also have this with its Kombi Kit.

If you wish to keep the brackets in your floor you will need our Piggl SIDE-POD Kombi Kit which fits seamlessly to the base of Piggl SIDE-POD and raises it up so that it can be fitted correctly.


  • Made from unfinished 12mm plywood.
  • Seamlessly raises up Piggl SIDE-POD over Kombi seat floor brackets.
  • Drilled with fixing holes to ensure they are securely fixed to your Piggl SIDE POD.
  • Ensures that your Piggl SIDE-POD is the same height as your Piggl BIKE-BED + Kombi Kit, providing a full-width bed platform.

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