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Transport your bikes, your way.

Piggl BIKE SLIDE is a low level platform inside your VW Transporter with integrated storage and a sliding platform which extends out of the tailgate of your van allowing you to lift and attach your mountain bikes onto your choice of fork mount. Piggl BIKE SLIDE can also be used as a bed or storage platform inside your VW Transporter.

  • Bolts easily to your VW Transporter's existing floor mounting points.
  • The two-third width platform slides out of your tailgate.
  • Locking runners and 100kg spread-load capacity.
  • A massive 520 litres of storage space! 
  • Two storage units with gas-strut supported, lift-up lids.
  • Storage drawer with 60kg load capacity. 
  • Attach your choice of fork mounts or rail to configure your bikes, your way.
  • Space to transport up to 3 mountain bikes.
  • Use as a bed inside your van in its closed position.
  • Use as a flat, raised floor in its closed position.
  • Fits between the rear wheel arches.

Overall Size: L 2005 x W 1200 x H 302 mm

Piggl BIKE SLIDE offers a massive 520 litres of storage space! As well as a large drawer underneath the main sliding platform, there are two storage spaces under hinged lids, supported by gas-struts, in which you can stow all of your camping or biking essentials. 

  • Sliding Drawer Internal Size: L 1164 x W 689 x H 232 mm
  • Rear Lid Storage Internal Size: L 1138 x W 382 x H 265 mm
  • Front Lid Internal Storage Size: L 652 x W 382 x H 265 mm

Plus, under the sliding platform is another storage void within the frame to store more accessories or camping essentials. The void can be accessed when the platform is fully slid out.  

  • Storage void when platform slid out: L 652 x W 760 x H 265 mm

There is a space of 500mm between the unit and the driver's seat in a SWB Transporter where up to three bikes can be stored without front wheels if you choose to sleep on Piggl BIKE SLIDE as a double bed.

NOTE: Fork mounts and fork mount rail are not provided with Piggl BIKE-SLIDE. This is to allow you to configure your mountain bikes your way, depending on how many bikes you want to carry, the bike(s) size and if you want to leave space to sleep on the platform alongside your bike(s). The 18mm Hexa Plywood platform can be easily drilled to screw down your chosen fork mounts or rail. Piggl BIKE SLIDE cannot be used to stand or sleep on whilst extended out of the tailgate of your Transporter. 

Piggl BIKE SLIDE is designed to fit inside all SWB or LWB T5 and T6 Volkswagen Transporter vans (including T5.1 and T6.1) and is installed between the two rear wheel arches using the four exposed, existing floor mounting points in the van's floor. You will need to locate and expose the four mounting points circled in red below (which may be under your van's sub-floor), and remove the factory fitted lashing rings prior to installation.

VW Transporter floor mounting point for Piggl Campervan furniture

Piggl BIKE SLIDE must be fitted onto a solid, flat floor - not the bare metal ribs of the floor as this will cause the furniture frame to bend and be unsupported. 

Included with Piggl BIKE SLIDE are all the bolts and fixings needed to securely build and install the unit to your van's floor. The frame can be unbolted, and the entire unit can be removed from your van if required, but we don't recommend doing this often as you will weaken the screw fixings in the wood. 

KOMBI SEATS: Piggl BIKE SLIDE cannot be fitted into a SWB or LWB Transporter with Kombi seats in place as it is too long. You need to remove the Kombi seats to use Piggl BIKE SLIDE

VW SHUTTLE: Piggl BIKE SLIDE is not designed to fit into a VW Shuttle as the interior panels may interfere with the fit of the unit. If you want to fit Piggl BIKE SLIDE into a VW Shuttle, then you will need to remove all seats, and have the skills and be prepared to cut into or remove the wall panels, some of the floor and the rear tailgate panel as these will prevent the furniture from being fitted. Piggl cannot accept responsibility for any parts broken or damaged in fitting Piggl BIKE SLIDE into a VW Shuttle and the responsibility lies soley with the buyer as Piggl BIKE SLIDE has not been designed for this purpose. 

We know that many of you want to sleep inside your Transporters whilst keeping your mountain bikes safely out of sight and secure with you on overnight stays.

In its closed position, Piggl BIKE SLIDE is a flat 2005 x 1200mm platform that can be used as a double bed, or you can attach fork mounts to fit your bike(s) onto one side of the platform, whilst sleeping alongside them on the other side on a single mattress - the choice is yours.

Piggl BIKE SLIDE flat-pack camper van furniture for your VW Transporter WITH SINGLE MATTRESS

For a double bed, we suggest adding an inflatable mattress which you can find in the accessories section of our website here ↠

Piggl BIKE SLIDE bed camper van furniture for VW Transporters  

NOTE: Piggl BIKE SLIDE cannot be used to stand or sleep on whilst extended out of the tailgate of your Transporter. 

To make placing an order for your Piggl BIKE SLIDE as easy as possible we have four payment options:

1. Pay in Full. Once your order is ready to be dispatched we will contact you directly to discuss a suitable pallet delivery date for you.

2. Pay Deposit (Non-refundable. Balance payable prior to dispatch).

3. Pay Balance (Payable prior to dispatch).

4. Pay in Full+ Install in Chester. For a small additional charge we will assemble your Piggl BIKE SLIDE and have it ready for you to collect from us in Chester in your prepared Transporter.

Install is available from us in Chester (CH3) only. We will contact you to agree a suitable date and time. Install requires you to have prepared your Transporter with a solid floor and exposed floor mounting points ready for us to install your ready-built Piggl BIKE SLIDE.

By placing an order you are confirming that you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions, how Piggl BIKE SLIDE works, that it will be provided as a flat-pack product for you to assemble and install and that you have read and understood what items and fixings are or are not included as standard.

Delivery is only Monday - Friday. We cannot deliver at weekends or bank holidays.

Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for the processing, manufacture, packing and delivery of Piggl BIKE SLIDE. We will notify you when your order is ready to dispatch to arrange a suitable delivery date. Delivery will be made on a pallet and customers are responsible to have someone at the delivery address and adequate space to accept the delivery. 

NOTE: The pair of sliding runners for the top platform will be delivered to you separately, direct from our supplier, as they are too large to fit onto the pallet with the rest of your delivery. We cannot guarantee that delivery will be on the same day as your pallet (although we will try our best to co-ordinate it if we can). You will need to be available to accept the delivery and they will require 2 adults to move them as they are very heavy.

All deliveries are of flat-pack and require self-assembly.

Delivery is only Monday - Friday. We cannot deliver at weekends or bank holidays.