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This panel slots into the top of the extended rear drawer of Piggl BIKE-BED to create an outdoor cooking station. A portable gas stove and other cooking equipment can be placed on top when in use*

Alternatively, the panel can be used as a table to rest your drinks or other equipment on whilst relaxing outdoors.

Piggl PANEL slots onto four shelf supports that fit neatly into the top of the rear drawer of Piggl BIKE-BED. The drawer itself has a 60kg load at full extension, and Piggl PANEL can be neatly stored inside the drawer when no longer required. 

Piggl PANEL is also suitable for Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT. 

  • CNC machined from the same black phenolic resin faced birch plywood as Piggl BIKE-BED giving a robust and hardwearing surface.
  • Size: 758 x 300 x 18mm.
  • All exposed edges are sealed with linseed oil to prevent moisture ingress. 

Add Piggl PANEL to your Piggl BIKE-BED order today ↠

*Do not place hot items directly onto the Piggl PANEL surface, always use a suitable heat protective mat.