Piggl FULL WIDTH Mattress Cushions

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Piggl FULL WIDTH Mattress Cushions

These premium cushions are custom made to follow the exact shape of Piggl FULL WIDTH offering you a full width bed across your Transporter. We have carefully selected dual-density foam to provide supportive cushions to sit on and to sleep on.

We believe in quality and durability and Piggl FULL WIDTH Mattress Cushions are made to last - there are no cheap foam imports here! Each mattress is handmade to order by highly experienced upholsterers located in Chester, UK.


  • Premium upholstery fabric in charcoal grey colour only as shown.
  • Removable covers with high quality zip fastenings.
  • Durable, breathable and wipeable fabric.
  • 7.5cm thick cushions made from dual-density (firm and medium-firm) foam.
  • Dacron inner lining protects foam and makes removing covers easier.
  • Comfortable and supportive when sat on or slept on by two adults. 
  • Full Width Bed Size: 200 x 162 x 7.5cm (L x W x H)
  • We recommend adding a king-size fitted sheet over all of the mattress cushions for sleeping on.
  • Free Delivery if ordered with Piggl Furniture (£40 delivery charge thereafter)

Five cushions are provided that are laid on top of Piggl FULL WIDTHThe cushions are shaped to fit all sections and are held together with velcro and velcro straps to help prevent movement when driving and sleeping on. 

Piggl FULL WIDTH mattress cushions for VW Transporter  

 All covers are removable with sturdy zip fastenings. 

Piggl SIDE POD cushions with removable covers  

All cushions can be stored on the back shelf of Piggl BIKE-BED when the bike rack is in use.




1. Deliver with Furniture on Pallet: If you are placing an order for any Piggl flat-pack furniture + Piggl Mattress Cushions we will include your mattress onto the same pallet as one delivery. Once your order is ready to be dispatched we will contact you directly to discuss a suitable delivery date. 

2. Post Mattress Cushions: If you are ordering Piggl Mattress Cushions only with no Piggl furniture, the mattress cushions will be packaged and posted via tracked courier as a large parcel which incurrs an additional postage fee. 

By placing an order you are confirming that you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions. Delivery is only Monday - Friday. We cannot deliver at weekends or bank holidays.

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