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Piggl BIKE-BED with 2 Wider Bike Slots

The same Piggl BIKE-BED, but with two wider bike slots to transport:
  • 2 x Mountain bike up to 29er with 2.6" wide wheels.
  • 1 x Mountain bike up to 29er with 2.4" wide wheels.


Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT is a multi-functional bed, bench and 3-bike storage rack for your short or long wheelbase T5-T6.1 Volkswagen Transporter campervan. 

  • Carry 3 bikes (with wheels on) whilst on the move.
  • Use as a bench seat inside your van.
  • Converts down into a double bed for 2 adults.
  • 3 bikes can be kept inside the van, around the bed, whilst you sleep
  • Two deep storage drawers with 60kg load capacity each.
  • Bolts easily to your VW Transporter's existing floor mounting points.

Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT offers you the unique ability to carry up to three adult bikes (with wheels on) inside your van whilst on the move. With bikes removed, Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT can be used as a bench seat then quickly slides down on smooth running rails into a double bed and allows you to place, as near as damn it, a full-size double mattress on top for the best nights sleep you've ever had in your campervan.


  • Floor mounted frame 
  • Double bed which converts easily from bench seat/ bike rack
  • Locking bed runners with smooth-slide action
  • Two deep storage drawers with sliding runners and 60kg load capacity each
  • Lashing points for securing up to 3 bikes
  • All fixings and fittings to assemble and fit the unit into your van
  • Detailed assembly and fitting instructions

1. The Bike Rack...

Say goodbye to roof racks, tailgate racks or dismantled bikes filling up your van! In travel mode Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT has a bench seat facing into the van, plus a second bench seat/shelf facing the tailgate. This is where Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT really comes into its own; the multi-functional front bench seat has three slots in to fit:

  • 2 x Mountain bike up to 29er with 2.6" wide wheels.
  • 1 x Mountain bike up to 29er with 2.4" wide wheels.

Simply place a rear wheel of each bike into a slot and use a strap (not provided) to secure the wheels to the bench using the integrated lashing points. In only a couple of minutes three bikes are securely strapped into place for transport without you needing to remove any wheels! How great is that?!

Piggl campervan conversion products bike rack 1 Piggl campervan conversion products bike rack lashing point

2. A bench seat inside your van...

When you remove the bikes both the front facing and rear facing bench seats can be used as comfortable seating inside the van or as storage shelves. Simply add cushions and you have a comfortable sofa to chill out on - Check out our Piggl Mattress Cushions!

 Piggl BIKE-BED in use as a sofa  

3. Loads of Storage...

Underneath Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT are two deep drawers (interior size: 76 x 59 x 31cm) providing ample storage space. Each drawer has a load capacity of up to 60kg at full extension allowing you to pack them to the brim, plus sliding drawer runners ensure a smooth opening and closing action.

The first drawer is located underneath the bike rack/ seat inside your van. The second drawer is under the rear seat/shelf of Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT and opens out the back of your van. Why not add a Piggl PANEL to convert the extended rear drawer into an outdoor cooking platform?

 Piggl campervan conversion products rear drawer Piggl PANEL an optional exra purchase for Piggl BIKE-BED

4. Converting into a double bed...

Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT sits on a pair of heavy duty, locking runners. To convert into a double bed for the night simply push down on the two red handles to unlock the runners and the four hinged bed panels will unfold flat. Once flat, simply slot in the two legs provided to support the front. Then place your mattress of choice and bedding on top and cosy in for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Piggl BIKE-BED Mattress Cushions are custom made to fit Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT and provide comfortable sofa cushions then transform into a supportive mattress to sleep on. 

Piggl campervan conversion products BED 1 Piggl campervan conversion products BED  

To fold Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT away simply remove the mattress and bedding, pull the strap to raise up the middle two sections of the bed then push the bed back from the front. The bed will slide back easily on the runners in a smooth action. Ensure the runners lock back into place. It’s that simple!

The below items are not included with Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT but are available to purchase in the accessories section of our website:

  • Piggl Mattress Cushions available to purchase here ↠
  • Piggl TOWEL - Prevent mud and water drips on your Piggl BIKE-BED available to purchase here ↠
  • Piggl PANEL - convert the rear drawer into a cooking station - available to purchase here ↠
  • Kombi KIT - available to purchase here ↠
  • Non-Slip Drawer Liners - available to purchase here ↠
  • Inflatable Mattress - available to purchase here ↠
  • Bike lashing straps - available to purchase here ↠
  • Gas Stove - available to purchase here ↠
Piggl TOWEL prevents mud and water drips on your Piggl BIKE-BED Piggl PANEL an optional exra purchase for Piggl BIKE-BED 

    Install + Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT: For a small additional charge we will assemble your Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT and have it ready for you to collect from us in Chester in your prepared Transporter.

    Install is available from us in Chester (CH3) only. We will contact you to agree a suitable date and time. Install requires you to have prepared your Transporter with exposed floor mounting points ready for us to install your ready-built Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT

    Installation can be added as an optional extra by selecting Pay in Full + Install in Chester from the payment options drop-down menu above.

    Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT is designed to fit inside all SWB or LWB T5 or T6 Volkswagen Transporter vans (including T5.1 and T6.1) and is installed using the exposed, existing floor mounting points. You will need to locate and expose three of the mounting points (which may be under your van's sub-floor) prior to installation. The floor of the van needs to be flat - it cannot be fitted to the bare metal ribs of the van floor as this will cause the frame to bend and be unsupported. 

    Floor mounting points

    Included with Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT are all the bolts and washers needed to securely install the unit to your van's floor. The frame can be unbolted, and the entire unit can be removed from your van if required, but we don't receommend doing this often as you will weaken the screw fixings. 

    KOMBI SEATS: Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT can be fitted into a SWB or LWB Transporter with Kombi seats in place BUT it cannot then be used as a bike rack and the bed cannot be collapsed flat as the kombi seats are in the way. You need to remove the Kombi seats to use Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT correctly. Both can be bolted in and out.

    The Kombi seat floor brackets in a SWB or LWB Transporter prevent the front drawer in Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT from opening. If you wish to keep the brackets in your floor you will need our Kombi KIT which fits seamlessly to the base of the frame and raises it up so that the drawer can open over the floor brackets.  

    Komnio kit to raise up Piggl BIKE-BED Kombi kit to raise up Piggl BIKE-BED  

    VW SHUTTLE: Whilst we have had customers fit Piggl BIKE-BED into their Shuttle, it is not designed to fit into a VW Shuttle as the interior panels will interfere with the fit of the bed. If you want to fit Piggl BIKE-BED into a VW Shuttle, then you will need some skills and be prepared to cut into or remove the wall panels, some of the floor and the rear tailgate panel as these will prevent the bed from being fitted.

    In a LWB Shuttle, the floor mounting point for the bed may be located in the floor underneath the wall panels (in front of the rear wheel arch). Piggl cannot accept responsibility for any parts broken or damaged in fitting Piggl BIKE-BED into a VW Shuttle and the responsibility lies soley with the buyer as Piggl BIKE-BED has not been designed for this purpose. 

    Add Kombi Kit to your Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT order 

    Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE-SLOT is exactly the same as our standard Piggl BIKE-BED, but with two wider bike slots in to transport:

    • 2 x Mountain bike up to 29er with 2.6" wide wheels.
    • 1 x Mountain bike up to 29er with 2.4" wide wheels.

    The two wider bike slots are the central slot and the driver's side slot. The nearside slot in unable to be enlarged as it will interfere with the drawer underneath. 

    Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT is designed to store up to three adult bikes whilst on the move. 

    • 'Fat-bike' tyres will not fit into the slots.
    • Road bikes should be placed with the front wheel in the slot as the derailleur will normally prevent the rear wheel fitting. Not all road bikes are suitable for use in Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT due to the variable geometry of the frames. Please contact us to discuss your road bike fit prior to purchase.
    • Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT is also suitable to place a children's bike into the slot, but you may wish to place some padding or support in the hole around the tyre to prevent the bike moving sideways in the slot whilst driving.
    • If you have large frame, wide handle bars or require wider bike slots please feel free to contact us to discuss your bike fit or a custom slot size before placing your order. Due the variable geometry of bike frames we cannot guarantee that all bikes will fit. 

    NOTE: The bike rack is just designed to transport the bikes inside your van whilst on the move. Bikes need to be removed to collapse the bed; three bikes can be stored in the gap alongside and in front of the bed, behind the driver's seat, with a wheel removed. One bike will fit alongside the bed without removing any wheels. Alternatively, lock up securely in an awning or other secure location at a campsite. 

    3 bikes in van with Piggl BIKE-BED down 1 bikes in van with Piggl BIKE-BED down

    Prevent mud and water drips on your Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT by using our microfibre Piggl TOWEL as an absorbent and protective barrier. Simply lay over the top of Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT and insert your bike wheels into the bike slots as normal. The towel will absorb drips from your bikes and can then be machine washed ready for the next use. 


    Find out more about Piggl TOWEL here 

    Piggl BIKE-BED Mattress Cushions are are custom made to follow the exact shape of Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT and we have carefully selected dual-density foam to provide comfortable sofa cushions to sit on and a supportive mattress to sleep on. The four cushions form a slouch-style sofa when Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT is in its upright position, then transform into a mattress when converted down into a bed.


    We believe in quality and durability and Piggl BIKE-BED Mattress Cushions are made to last - there are no cheap foam imports here! Each mattress is handmade to order by highly experienced upholsterers located just minutes from Piggl headquarters in Chester, UK. 

    All four cushions can be stored on the back shelf of Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT when the bike rack is in use. 


    As an alternative,you can place an inflatable, double mattress on top of the bed to sleep on. Find our suggested mattress in the accessories section of our website.

    Find out more about Piggl BIKE-BED Mattress Cushions here 

    Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT is CNC machined from 18mm thick, black phenolic resin faced birch plywood giving a robust, non-slip and hardwearing surface. All exposed edges are sealed with linseed oil to prevent moisture ingress. We purchase our Hexa plywood from a number of suppliers therefore there may be some variation in pattern or finish.

    Piggl BIKE-BED is installed using the exposed existing floor mounting points in your van and all fixings are provided. Both drawers have high quality runners with a robust, locking drawer catch.


    If you want campervan furniture that's hardwearing, but don't mind a few knocks when you're lashing your mountain bikes in for your next adventure, then our furniture is perfect for you. 

    "Delivery was nice and easy and you have certainly made the build easy too!"
           - Mr. Brady 

    "It was awesome! Bike was held solid in place, no rattles or squeaks. Enough space with a single bike to sit in the back, have a brew and get changed. Loved it!! Sat in back, loads of room with my bike. Almost just sat there all day!"
           - WeRide MTB Guiding & Coaching

    To make placing an order for your Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT as easy and as flexible as possible we have three payment options:

    1. Pay in full immediately. Once your order is ready to be dispatched we will contact you directly to discuss a suitable pallet delivery date for you. 

    2. Pay a deposit. This deposit is a part-payment of your order and is non-refundable. The deposit secures your slot for us to begin CNC manufacture of your unit. Once your order is ready to be dispatched we will contact you directly to take the remaining balance payment and to discuss a suitable delivery date for you. 

    3. Install + Piggl BIKE-BED. For a small additional charge we will assemble your Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT and have it ready for you to collect from us in Chester in your prepared Transporter.

    Deposit payments are not available on accessories. 

    Install is available from us in Chester (CH3) only. We will contact you to agree a suitable date and time. Install requires you to have prepared your Transporter with exposed floor mounting points ready for us to install your ready-built Piggl BIKE-BED. 

    By placing an order you are confirming that you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions, how Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT works, that it will be provided as a flat-pack product for you to assemble and install and that you have read and understood what items and fixings are or are not included as standard.

    Delivery is only Monday - Friday. We cannot deliver at weekends or bank holidays.

    Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for the processing, manufacture, packing and delivery of Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT. We will notify you when your order is ready to dispatch to arrange a suitable delivery date. Delivery will be made on a pallet and customers are responsible to have someone at the delivery address and adequate space to accept the delivery. 

    Someone will need to be available all day to accept the delivery. The delivery company (Palletways) will normally deliver between 8am and 5pm on your specified date. Palletways may update you directly via text or email with an estimated delivery time slot, but this should only be taken as an estimate and the delivery times slot is subject to change – without updated notification – at any time due to traffic delays etc. We strongly recommend that you remain at the delivery address all day to accept the delivery. Missed deliveries will need to be re-arranged and are chargeable to you before another attempt is made.

    All deliveries are of flat-pack and require self-assembly.

    Delivery is only Monday - Friday. We cannot deliver at weekends or bank holidays.