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Piggl FULL WIDTH includes Piggl BIKE-BED and Piggl SIDE-POD which combine to form a bike rack, seat and storage unit, then quickly transform into a full width bed across your VW T5-T6.1 Transporter.


  • Carry 3 bikes (with wheels on) whilst on the move.
  • Use as a bench seat inside your van.
  • Converts down into a double bed for 2 adults.
  • 2 bikes can be kept inside the van, around the bed, whilst you sleep
  • Front and rear storage drawers with 60kg load capacity each.
  • Bolts easily to your VW Transporter's existing floor mounting points.
  • Free Delivery of Piggl Full Width Mattress Cushions if purchased with Piggl FULL WIDTH (£40 delivery charge thereafter).
  • Full details for Piggl BIKE-BED here 
  • Full details for Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT here 

    Piggl SIDE-POD:

    • Rear pod has a lift-out lid for stuff-storage around your wheel arch.
    • Front pod has a hinged, lift-up lid with storage space inside.
    • Bolted to the floor of your van using its existing mounting points.
    • Fully removable when required. 
    • Full details for Piggl SIDE POD here 

    There is a handy thru-space of 400 x 230 mm between Piggl SIDE POD and the side of Piggl BIKE-BED's frame to allow you to slot longer items like awnings and windbreaks through.


    For detailed information on installation and operation of Piggl FULL WIDTH see FAQ's here ↠ 


    Piggl FULL WIDTH Mattress Cushions: Full details here ↠


      Piggl BIKE-BED offers you the unique ability to carry up to three adult bikes (with wheels on) inside your van whilst on the move. With bikes removed, Piggl BIKE-BED can be used as a bench seat then quickly slides down on smooth running rails into a double bed. Piggl SIDE-POD is fitted over the rear wheel-arch to widen your Piggl BIKE-BED, plus you'll have even more storage space in your VW Transporter.

      Please let us know if your Transporter is SWB or LWB when ordering. 

      NOTE: If you would like to order Piggl FULL WIDTH with our Piggl BIKE-BED WIDE SLOT then please select this option from the payment options drop-down menu.

        DELIVERY: All our furniture is made-to-order and delivered to you on a pallet within 2-3 weeks for you - or your chosen fitter - to build and install into your van. Delivery available on weekdays only and we will contact you to agree a suitable date. You must be available 8am - 5pm to accept delivery.